Ace the Google Interview

We’ve developed a hands-on interview preparation program to increase your chances of landing a job at Google. 

You will be paired with a professionally trained coach who has a track record recruiting at Google, and who will guide you along a structured program packed with mock interviews, role plays and structured feedback.

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“My job as a leader is to make sure everybody in the company has great opportunities, and that they feel they’re having a meaningful impact and are contributing to the good of society. As a world, we’re doing a better job of that. My goal is for Google to lead, not follow that.” – Larry Page

The benefit of getting a Google Coach:

Increase the odds of landing the job by at least 50%

Our coaches have actual working experience working at Google. They will shed light on what Google is really looking for, and they will give you tangible insights into hiring practices that you can use to stand out from the competition. Our clients are 50% more likely to land the job at Google because of this!

Boost confidence with Mock Interviews

Practicing mock interviews with a former hiring manager means you get to prepare for the actual questions you get during your interview. Getting direct feedback allows you to improve your preparation and actually feel ready for the interview.

Ace the Interview

Most people fail the interview because they can’t articulate their achievements. Google is looking for both technical skills, and strong communicators. Work 1-1 with your coach to get tailored feedback and create stories that let your experience shine through the STAR storytelling technique.

What To Expect From Your Google Coach:

The Google Interview preparation plan is developed by recruiters, coaches and Googlers. It’s designed to help you achieve any or all of the following goals:

  • Get ready and confident for an initial call with the recruiter and the hiring manager or team peer at Google
  • Prepare you for the grueling in-depth interviews through mock interviews, role plays and direct feedback.
  • Prepare for the four key attributes: General cognitive ability, leadership, role-related knowledge and Googlyness

  • Guide you through the Structured Interviewing techniques that are part of the hiring process at Google, ensuring you have a solid understanding of how to shine in your interview.
  • Build confidence and readiness for the job application and interview process
  • Craft the best STAR stories to bring out your most relevant accomplishments
  • Gain insight into the interview process and practice mock interviews with Google recruiters.

The Google Interview plan - How it works:

Find A Coach

Get matched

We match you to the best Google coaches based on what job you're applying for and industry background. You will receive the coach details through email and it's completely free of charge.

Pick your coach

Hop on a free introductory call with your coach to discuss your goals, to decide on an action plan, and to start preparing for your interview.

Akiyo Yamamoto

Ace the interview

Walk into that interview feeling strong, confident, and prepared. Ace it and leave a lasting impression. Job well done!

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I had my doubts at first but Carrus is a lifesaver!

I had my doubts at first since I hadn't heard of it before but Carrus is as legitimate as they come! Fantastic platform that lets you find coaches with tons of experience and working at the major tech companies (Amazon, Facebook, etc). I've used Carrus for five sessions now and will definitely continue using it for help with coaching, interviews, and overall advice going forward.

United States

Coaches with direct experience

Carrus and its coaches help you cut through all of the advice you can find on the Internet to the actual truth with someone who has direct experience. This will make all the difference between wasting your time and being successful. Thanks to Carrus, I landed an offer and start at my dream role soon!
Shane Jorden

United States

Second session with my Carrus

This was my second session with my Carrus Coach, and I just had my initial interview. Not only did she coach me in the exact way that I needed, but she also provided me with key industry-specific insights that made a lot of difference! Thanks so much, Carrus!
Emilio Balda


I got my dream job at Amazon!

I had 3 coaching calls with Romen, and he prepared me very well for the interview for my dream job at Amazon! His professional support was super helpful and he provided me such a great insight about the company and about myself. I'm grateful that I was able to find him, thanks to Carrus platform.
Yuka Ogasawara


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Some of our Google Coaches

All of our coaches for this program have either worked at Google previously or have extensive experience
as recruiters who have successfully hired dozens of people at Google.

Google Coaching

Claire Pinder

Google Coach

Claire has 13+ years working across various divisions in Google and was responsible for development and execution of the diversity and inclusion hiring strategy for the EMEA Cloud business (2000+ cross-functional team). She can help you prepare for your interview for Cloud Sales Engineering, Direct Sales and Marketing, HR, Product, Staffing and Business Development functions.

Google Coaching

Maya Tudor

Google Coach and Recruiter

Maya has over 7+ years at Google across various HR functions. Maya launched the first ever apprenticeship programs at Google and is responsible for multiple programs in tech and non-tech areas, across several countries. Trained as a psychologist, passionate about personal development and supporting people to achieve their potential.

Amazon Coaching

Evan Lee

Tech Recruiter for FAANG

Evan has 9 years of agency and corporate Talent Advising experience at Amazon.  He coaches individuals to succeed in the process from initial job search, to interview prep, to getting an offer, to negotiating compensation. He’s helped 1000+ professionals navigate and land a job at Amazon, Google and various tech companies. 

Technical Interview Coaching

Megan Long

Ex-Google Recruiter

Megan has worked for companies like Google, Amazon and Homeaway where she has hired hundreds of people in leading engineering roles.  She is passionate about helping candidates prepare for the rigorous process it takes to get an offer from the top FAANG companies.

Get help at any stage of the Google Interview process

You can choose to cover all the following sessions or select the ones that are most relevant to your current situation.

How it works:

1. Get Matched

Get matched with a coach for free. You will be paired with a professional coach for the program within 48 hours.

2. Pick a coach

Have a free 15 minute call with your coach to briefly discuss your current situation and process with Amazon.

3. Ace the interview

Start your official coaching sessions and when the big day is there: ace the interview!

Pricing - Pay-as-you-Go

Introductory calls

Free /15 min.
  • Hop on up to 3 calls to pick your coach.
  • Discuss your goals and determine an action plan.

Coaching calls

$ 85 /hr
  • You can buy coaching hours as you go.
  • The price depends on the coach, and ranges from $85-$250/hour

Coaching packages

$ 500+ per package
  • Buy packages to get attractive discounts.
  • Work on all relevant aspects for your upcoming interview.


Over multiple hires and thousands of interviews, we’ve developed a program that has been shown to be effective in preparing you for interviews and increasing your chances of getting a job at Google. The content we’ve created gives you a huge advantage over other interviewees, but the real power comes from coaching. You are paired with a trained coach who has a background working directly with Google, and who can tailor the program to you and maximize your chances of success.

The bulk of the program is structured around helping you create, clarify and practice articulating your past experiences from that will help you to demonstrate your fit at Google and your suitability for the role based on the 4 hiring attributes: General cognitive ability, Leadership, Googleyness and Role-related knowledge.

Pricing - Pay-as-you-Go

Introductory calls

Free /15 min.
  • Hop on up to 3 calls to pick your coach.
  • Discuss your goals and determine an action plan.

Coaching calls

$ 85 /hr
  • You can buy coaching hours as you go.
  • The price depends on the coach, and ranges from $85-$250/hour

Coaching packages

$ 500+ per package
  • Buy packages to get attractive discounts.
  • Work on all relevant aspects for your upcoming interview.


Most frequent questions and answers is a matching platform that connects people with the best coaches. Our platform allows anyone to look for and hire qualified coaches to help with all parts of their career. Coaches can provide leadership training, career-coaching and advice on building the skills in today’s rapidly changing world. 

Here’s a quick guide to getting started. 

1. Get matched.

To get matched, start by filling out basic information about your industry, background. You can also include details about your specific situation, and what stage of the interview process you are in.  We will match you with a coach within 48 hours.

2. Talk to coaches for free.

When you are matched with a coach,  you can directly message them to start a conversation and book a free consultation call in their calendar. During this call you can briefly discuss your situation, and decide whether you’d like to work together.

3. Select a coach.

Once you’ve selected your coach, you can either pay for coaching on an hourly basis or get a monthly subscription at a slightly discounted rate. All coaching is done online via our video platform. 

Over hundreds of coaching sessions, we’ve found that people who dedicate 6-8 hours of preparation with a coach (mock interviews) increase their chances of landing the job at Google over 50%!

Being open to coaching is a big part of this, and simply going through the motion of speaking to a coach won’t get you the job. Coaches will give you feedback, advice and tips to change, which require self-reflection and even occasional homework/preparation. Learn more about coaching here and being coachable here.

One of the main benefits of using our coaching service is to get mock interview preparation. Most candidates who succeed in getting offers on average practice 5-10 hours in a mock interview setting. Typically, an internal recruiter will talk to you for a few minutes but won’t have the bandwidth to help you with several hours of coaching.

Reach out anytime at!

“For a manager, the right answer to the question “What is the single most important thing you do at work?” is hiring.”

― Eric Schmidt, How Google Works

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