Give the Gift of Coaching

Our coaches have years of experience hiring for companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google

Know someone who’s looking to make a career change? Or have a friend who dreams of getting into a top tech company (like Google, Facebook or Amazon)? Give them the perfect holiday gift: our Carrus Gift Card!With this gift card, people can redeem coaching credits to help them strategize their next career move, refine their resumes, and prep for interviews. This gift might just change someone’s life. Select a gift card below that’ll help them make their dream come true!

Kerri McKinney

Amazon Coach, Indeed Coach, Interview Coaching, Offer Negotiation

can help you to gain clarity on your goals and help you get multiple offers at Amazon, Google and Facebook

Shelli Nemec

Amazon Coach, Interview Coaching, Offer Negotiation

will help you discover and define your own voice, gain confidence in applying and interviewing, and create a customized program to help you get a job at Amazon

Evan Lee

Amazon Coach, Interview Coaching, Offer Negotiation

works with you to boost confidence, increase your self-awareness, and spend 1-1 time practicing for your upcoming Amazon loop interview

Laura Sheehan

Career Coaching

will help you build an awesome resume, prepare you for interviews and help you land your dream job.

Romen Barua

Amazon Coach, Expedia Coach, Interview Coaching, Netflix Coach, Offer Negotiation

will guide you to identify your counter-productive and career-limiting habits, and push you to stretch your capabilities further

Miguel Baumann

Career Coaching, COVID-19 Volunteer Coach, Entrepreneur Coaching

will deep dive into your values and help you create a personalized career development roadmap

Lionel Bikart

Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching

is a strong and empathic listener and will find the the pertinent questions to help you move forward as a leader

Claire Pinder

Google Coach, Interview Coaching, Offer Negotiation

will provide in depth support to help you prepare for your interviews at every stage of the hiring process at Google!

Sue Schoormans

Interview Coaching, Offer Negotiation

Career & Intercultural Coach enabling you to Orientate your Career and Secure Your Ideal Job at Home and Abroad

Munira Ali

Amazon Coach, Interview Coaching

can help you prepare your STAR stories, practice mock interviews, and give you honest feedback to improve

Maya Tudor

Google Coach, Interview Coaching

is laser-focused on helping you get your foot in the door and nail the interview at Google!

Mia Li

Amazon Coach, Facebook Coach, Interview Coaching

can get your foot in the door and practice mock interviews so that you nail the interview at Facebook!

Anthony McGuire

Facebook Coach, Interview Coaching

will build your confidence and interview skills so that you can go in and rock the Facebook interview

Tony Pribyl

eBay, Interview Coaching, Microsoft

will coach you on the key competencies required to reach your career goals and guide your transition into a role in a leading tech company like Microsoft or Amazon

Chase Collins

Amazon Coach, Offer Negotiation

help increase the size of your offer!

Anna Cseke

Amazon Coach, Interview Coaching, Offer Negotiation

My mock interview techniques will prepare you for the unexpected and I'll help you perfect your stories so they impress the interviewers

Carlos Hattix

Amazon Coach, Microsoft, Uber

With 10 years experience guiding Interview Debriefs/Hiring Decision meetings at: Amazon, Microsoft, Uber and VMware, I have deep expertise on their interview evaluation process as well as compensation negotiation tactics.

Mags Munro

Career Coaching, Microsoft

I am a tech recruiting veteran that has worked for Amazon (API Gateway, Lambda, AWS) and Microsoft as a technical recruiter.