Most frequent questions and answers

Carrus.io is an on-demand coaching platform that glues together the highly fragmented pieces of today’s job search. Our platform allows anyone to look for and hire qualified coaches to help with all parts of their career. Coaches can help prepare a resume or cover letter, to more hands-on career-coaching and advice on building the skills in today’s rapidly changing world.

On Carrus.io you’ll find a range of coaches. Here’s a quick guide to getting started. 

Step 1: Post a request.

Start by posting your request from your home page dashboard. You can select your budget, the type of coaching you want, your industry, and your budget. For example, “Need help writing my resume” or “Need help/advice as a new manager of a team of 5” or “Need advice on upcoming job search in X industry.” Be as detailed as possible in your request. Step 2: Talk to coaches. 

We will send your request to relevant coaches (or, you can browse for coaches in “find a coach” if you’d like). When coaches see and are interested in your request, they will directly message you to start a conversation. From there, you can schedule a call with them to gauge chemistry.

Step 3: Select a coaching package or hourly coaching.

Once you have decided on a coach you can hire them directly through Carrus. On the coaches profile page, you can “pay as you go” for one hour of coaching. You can also select one of their coaching packages from their profile page, which is usually a set number of hours for a fixed-price. 

You can always buy another hour of coaching from your “My Orders” page. 

Lastly, after your coaching session(s) are done, you can also leave your coach a review from your My Orders page.

Anything! Well, almost. Whether you’re thinking about a career change, or looking for advice on building a specific skillset, you’re pretty much free to post anything as a request. Even if you’re not sure, just go ahead and post your request — we’ll put you in touch with coaches that are the best match.

  1. Help with your job search
  2. Resume-writing
  3. Cover-letter writing
  4. LinkedIn keyword optimization, redoing your LinkedIn profile, and personal branding
  5. Interview preparation and advice
  6. Salary negotiation advice
  7. Managing stress at work
  8. Finding work you love and long term career planing
  9. Improving communication at work
  10. Communication/presentation
  11. Developing new skills in your career (you can search by industry in ‘find a coach’)
  12. Advice on starting and/or growing your own entrepreneurial venture
  13. Overcoming specific issues at work
  14. Improving interpersonal relationships
  15. Executive coaching
  16. Advice on becoming a new leader/manager
  17. Existential/mid-life/career crisis

Prices vary depending on the coach’s experience and the number of hours of coaching you need. The great news is that you can start a chat with any coach on Carrus.io before paying for anything. Most of them provide a free 1 hour coaching session. When searching you can filter coaches by “1 Hour Free Coaching Session” and see who is open to chat. 

Most coaches prefer to work on a fixed-price package, and it’s usually cheaper in the long-run, as you typically get a discount. For example, you could buy hourly coaching at $100/hour, or choose to buy a coaching “package” that includes 5 sessions for $450. The reason you would choose hourly coaching is if you think you only need one or two hours of coaching total.

If you don’t see a package you’re interested in on a coach’s profile, or if you’re not sure, you can simply send them a message and ask. Coaches are usually willing to consider different custom packages depending on your situation.

At Carrus we categorize coaches into several categories which you can search for/filter by in the “Find a Coach” page.

They are…

  1. Career Coaching
  2. Executive Coaching
  3. Business Coaching
  4. Performance Coaching
  5. New Skills Coaching
  6. Leadership Coaching
  7. Newly Assigned Leader Coaching
  8. Communication/Presentation Coaching
  9. Entrepreneur Coaching

For a list of detailed explanations please click here.

This depends on the type of coaching you need and your specific situation. For interview or resume coaching, for example, you could hit the main points within 3-4 hours of coaching. However, if you are planning a big career move, changing a habit, or improving a skill, it will require more feedback, practice, and thus more frequent coaching. The most common coaching packages range from 6 hours to 15 hours of coaching. (also, this is a great question to ask your coach!)

A good coach will not tell you what to do. Many coaches have industry-specific knowledge or experience, which they may choose to offer, but this isn’t the same as coaching and shouldn’t be considered the point of the relationship. (click here to read: the difference between a coach, mentor and advisor) Instead, a coach will help you clarify what you want to achieve, come up with solutions and strategies to reach your goals, and build in a structure to get there. They will listen to you on a deep and powerful level, and ask thoughtful questions to give you access to a new perspective or set of options to move forward with.

Our coaches all go through a strict screening process. We require coaches to have at minimum three years experience in their field of expertise, whether that is a management role, coaching, or a specific industry where they’ve worked as a mentor or teacher. Many of our coaches have international certifications (ACC, PCC, MCC) which require 100+ hours of training to complete. We independently verify their certifications. You can see who is certified by the “certified” badge at the top of their profile and also search by certified coaches in Find a Coach. 

Our algorithm will match you with the best coach based on your specific request, background and goals.


We will never share your information with third parties outside of the platform. Information shared between coaches and employees remains strictly confidential, and will not be shared with employers. Please reviews our T&Cs here and our privacy policy. 

If you have any questions or feedback please drop us a message anytime at hello@carrus.io!