Most frequent questions and answers

Carrus.io is a matching platform that connects people with the best coaches. Our platform allows anyone to look for and hire qualified coaches to help with all parts of their career. Coaches can provide leadership training, career-coaching and advice on building the skills in today’s rapidly changing world.

On Carrus.io you’ll find a range of coaches. Here’s a quick guide to getting started. 

  1. Get matched.

To get matched, start by filling out basic information about your industry and the type of coaching you would like. You can select your industry, the type of coaching you want, and the time and date that you’d like coaching. For example, “Need help writing my resume” or “Need help/advice as a new manager of a team of 5” or “Need advice on upcoming job search in X industry.” We will match you with a coach within 24 hours. 

  1. Talk to coaches for free.

When you are matched with a coach, you will receive three potential matches. You can directly message them to start a conversation and book a “free coaching session” in their calendar. From there, you can gauge chemistry, learn about their philosophy, and decide whether you’d like to work together. 

  1. Select a coach.

Once you’ve selected a coach, you can start a monthly subscription which gives you access to 4 coaching sessions per month. 

Anything! Well, almost. Whether you’re interested in building a longer term career path, or looking for advice on building a specific skillset, you’re pretty much free to work with your coach on anything This could include everything from… 

  1. Managing stress at work
  2. Finding work you love and long term career planing
  3. Improving communication at work
  4. Communication/presentation
  5. Developing new skills in your career (you can search by industry in ‘find a coach’)
  6. Advice on starting and/or growing your own entrepreneurial venture
  7. Overcoming specific issues at work
  8. Leadership guidance and development
  9. Improving interpersonal relationships
  10. Executive coaching
  11. Advice on becoming a new leader/manager
  12. Existential/mid-life/career crisis

At Carrus we categorize coaches into several categories. They are…

  1. Career Coaching
  2. Executive Coaching
  3. Business Coaching
  4. Performance Coaching
  5. New Skills Coaching
  6. Leadership Coaching
  7. Newly Assigned Leader Coaching
  8. Communication/Presentation Coaching
  9. Entrepreneur Coaching

For a list of detailed explanations please click here.

This depends on the type of coaching you need and your specific situation. If you are planning a big career move, changing a habit, or improving a skill, this will require feedback, practice, and more frequent coaching. Most people see the biggest changes from after 6 months of frequent coaching on a biweekly or monthly basis. 

A good coach will not necessarily tell you what to do, but rather guide you to discover your own solutions and make your own decisions (although of course they can give you advice/consult based on their own experience). A coach will help you clarify what you want to achieve, come up with solutions and strategies to reach your goals, and build in a structure to get there. They will listen to you on a deep and powerful level, and ask thoughtful questions to give you access to a new perspective or set of options to move forward with. 

The difference between coaches, mentors and advisors 

It’s up to you and depends on your situation. Some people choose to have 2 coaching sessions (1 hour total) every two weeks on a recurring basis. Others prefer to stick to short 30 minute calls on a weekly basis. This is totally flexible, and if one week is particularly challenging you may want to schedule a longer session, while other weeks may be more straightforward and require less coaching.

Our coaches all go through a strict screening process. We require coaches to have at minimum three years experience in their field of expertise, whether that is a management role, coaching, or a specific industry where they’ve worked. Many of our coaches have international certifications (ACC, PCC, MCC, CTI) which require 100+ hours of training to complete. We independently verify their certifications. You can see who is certified by the “certified” badge.

We will match you with the best coach based on your specific request, background and experience! 

We will never share your information with third parties outside of the platform. Information shared between coaches and employees remains strictly confidential, and will not be shared with employers. Please reviews our T&Cs here and our privacy policy. 

If you have any questions or feedback please drop us a message anytime at hello@carrus.io!