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  • Content quality & depth

    Content quality

    Hiring managers are looking for specific results, examples using data, and a clear picture of the scope of your achievements. We'll make sure your resume nails it.

    Tell us what kind of job you're looking for, and we can make an even more tailored resume.

  • Visually-appealing design


    A resume (and LinkedIn profile) should be the opposite of War & Peace -- easy to read and not too dense. We'll make sure it flows smoothly, and looks great too. :)

    Less is more. Seriously.

  • Avoiding rookie mistakes

    Avoid rookie mistakes

    We'll catch overused words, redundancies ("references available upon request"), and awkward cliche phrases like "results-oriented" and "hard worker."

    Tip: A good resume is 600-800 words, even for someone with a lot of experience.

  • Robot-proofing

    Robot-proof resumes

    Companies use software to screen your resume for certain keywords. Unfortunately, 60% of resumes don't get past this first step, which means a human never even has a chance to see it. We'll make sure your resume gets past the system.

    Disclaimer: Our team is fully human. 

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