Coach FAQ

Most frequently asked questions and answers allows you to tap into a network of people who are looking for help in their careers. Millions of people are looking for specific advice on their interviews, advice on becoming new managers, and guidance on growing specific skills. Most of all, they are looking for reliable coaches to hold them accountable. You can offer your services and gain immediate access to a new stream of customers and fulfill an important need in today’s rapidly changing job market.

Clients find your profile in one of two ways. First, they can search for your profile based on keywords and criteria such as language, coaching category and industry. 

Second, they can post a request to Get Matched to you with specific details about what they need help with. From there, clients can schedule 30-60-90 minute calls with you. 

As a coach, you can set your own rate and schedule using our built in calendar (which you can sync with your Google Calendar). All calls are done through our platform and payouts are paid out once a month on the 1st of each month. 

“Coaches” are professionals on the platform like yourself that have experience in a particular industry. Our screening requirements are strict and we require a minimum three years of experience in HR, coaching, recruitment, or a management role.

“Clients” is our term for anyone on the platform who is seeking coaching expertise. Anybody can register as a client and post a “request” asking for specific advice. We use a matching tool to suggest the most relevant coaches to clients, and vice versa. 

You can offer any of your coaching services, career related and professional advice! If you have particular knowledge of an industry, company, or working in a specific geography, make sure it’s clear on your profile page so that seekers can filter search results and find you (for example, if you have done hiring or coaching for X company in X country, be specific). 

Click here to see a full list of coaching categories and their descriptions. 

Here are some examples of services you can (but are not limited to) offer:

Resume-writing and feedback. Feel free to give the job seeker a free resume review and some pointers — empowering people results in long term customers. If they still need help, offer them to pay for a package or coaching on their resume.

Cover-letter writing. The average seeker applies for 30 jobs online during their job search, often rehashing the same cover letter. There is a need for customized and high quality cover-letters for each application.

Interview Coaching. This includes interview preparation, advice, follow-up and debrief. This is particularly helpful for seekers who are applying directly to companies and not using a recruiter that need help that they wouldn’t get otherwise.

LinkedIn keyword optimization. Redoing and revamping their LinkedIn profile based on your industry expertise.

Salary negotiation and offer letter advice. As a skilled negotiator you can share your advice based on years of experience. Help seekers get the best deals and build long-standing relationships.

Career-coaching. You can offer this on a one-time service or on an ongoing basis. Career-coaching is broad and can encompass anything from interview prep, career planning, job offer negotiation, communication, and advice on being a new manager. Many coaches choose to give a ‘free consultation’ before signing up seekers, which will appear on your profile.

Leadership Coaching. Help leaders who want to gain an edge in self-marketing, branding, and individuals targeted as future leaders who need to sharpen their skills.

Performance coaching. Help improve and direct an individual’s performance in their current role at work to increase their effectiveness and productivity.

Skills Coaching on time management, productivity, burnout, and soul-searching. More broadly ‘coaching; isn’t just about what people do on the job, but often touches various aspects of life, from one’s health, activities outside of work, decision making, and much more.

Provide a guarantee of value-added services to clients. Consider adding the following offerings to your profile.

Add a descriptive tag-line. For example, if you have a niche in a certain industry then make it clear. Or if you prefer, consider adding a favorite quote. Keep in mind that what you write in your tag line is also searchable by clients.

Have a Free Call or Chat. Before agreeing to work together, have an introductory call or chat, go over the client’s needs, and gauge chemistry. You can use this to get to know the client better, establish a relationship, and suggest the best approach. In your profile you can select “1 hour free coaching session,” which will appear in the search results for clients.

Provide Multiple Drafts or Unlimited Edits. There are often multiple drafts and revisions to ensure client satisfaction with their resumes and cover letters. It’s very rare that a client will actually request more than two or three drafts, but providing an “unlimited edits” clause will give clients peace-of-mind that you will get the job done and provide great customer service.

In the dashboard on the left hand side, you can update your schedule on a weekly basis in 30 minute increments. Clients will see your available slots and can book a session with 24 hours notice.

It’s up to you and the client. Carrus is a subscription based service. All clients pay a monthly fee to access 2-8 coaching sessions of 30 minutes each. As a coach, this means you will be able to coach once client for a maximum of 4 hours per month. We recommend you schedule a weekly or biweekly call with the coachee, however, the coachee is free to mix and match session lengths depending on their needs. (for example, 30 minutes each week, or one 2 hour session per month etc)

A certified coach needs to have proof of completing one of the following certifications through the international coaching federation, or ICF

  • ACC
  • PCC
  • MCC

Those who have the credential will receive a “certified” sticker visible on their profile. If you are a certified coach and would like the certified sticker, please send us a message at and we’ll enable it. 

As you establish your credibility on Carrus, we recommend you set a lower rate for your first few days or weeks on the platform. This will allow you to attract customers early on and garner reviews. Once you have a few, you can raise your rates. 

Also, you can check the “1 hour free coaching session” box to appear on your profile, which is more likely to attract clients that convert to paying customers. Clients can request a free coaching session with you, and after doing so can also leave you a review for the free session. 


Carrus takes a 25% commission on all coaching calls. All payouts are processed once a month, on the first of each month. You can view your payouts in your Payouts page. Non-European bank transfers are done internationally using Transferwise, which means you’ll receive your payout usually within 5-7 business days. Payouts via Paypal are processed sooner, usually within 2-5 business days. If you have not sent us your payout details yet, please email

Yes, you’re free to set your rate to whatever you’d like! You can also set your schedule via our calendar and work as much or as little as you’d like. 

You will be compensated 1 session for any cancellations that are under 24 hours.

You can politely let the client know your change of plans and reschedule/cancel the meeting from your end. This can be done from “My Sessions” on your dashboard. 

We ask that you first try and resolve the issue directly with the customer. If there’s still an issue, Carrus will serve as an arbiter. Please send us a message at detailing the problem and we’ll get back to you ASAP.  

We’re happy to chat anytime about questions and welcome feedback. Drop us a message at