Free Coaching For COVID-19

Frontline Workers, Healthcare Professionals and their families

Free Online Coaching To Help You Handle Stressful Times

We are offering support to those on the front-lines of COVID-19 by providing free professional coaching

Our coaches are a team of professionally certified coaches all around the world with at least 100+ coaching hours under their belts. We provide coaching in multiple languages, and all coaching is done virtually through chat and video calls. 

To get started, you can view coaches who have volunteered and book a time with them directly in their calendars.

Interested in bringing Carrus to your frontline healthcare providers? Email us at

How a coach can help:

  • Leadership through crisis situations
  • Prevent and overcome burnout during stressful times
  • How to stay motivated 
  • Managing both personal and work life 
  • … and anything else that is on your mind, or that you need to get off your chest

Book a 30 minute-session Below

Get 2 hours of free Online coaching with any coach (4 sessions of 30 minutes)

Miguel Baumann

Corporate leader & Serial Entrepreneur: Certified career & life coach, focusing on self-confidence and personal development. English, Dutch or German.

Lisa Dempsey

Connecting Leadership, Culture & Innovation. CTI and ICF certified. Founder of Leadership Labs International. English or Dutch.

Mark Cavallo

Compassionate coaching, Leadership through meaning. Mark coaches on self-reflection/awareness, emotional intelligence and effective communication. English or Dutch.

Yvonne Berkien

CTI certified. Senior HR Professional / Executive Coach / Trainer. Experienced HR executive. English or Dutch.

Amber Rahim

Certified and experienced leadership coach. Through humor and focus I'll help you to construct your path forward. English or Dutch

Dennis Strik

Certified and experienced Leadership Coach & Locator of other people's Superhero Selves. I love nothing more than getting people in the flow! English or Dutch.

Maya Schmuki

Nederlandse Orde van Beroepscoaches (NOBCO) en gecertificeerd op het EMCC. Dutch.

Migena Gjerazi

Certified Life-leadership coach focusing on well-being, self-confidence and personal growth. English, Danish.

Are you a coach who'd like to volunteer?

We connect coaches who want to offer their coaching skills, pro bono to support nurses on the front lines of COVID-19 for up to 2 hours of coaching. Take five minutes to fill out the form to become a coach. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

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