Built for Business

Carrus was built for businesses

We built our platform to support your employees and to scale with your organization. We can provide personalized development tools and coach matching for organizations of any size.


Dashboards & Insights

Our high-touch approach delivers measurable leadership outcomes. We give you the organizational visibility and insight you need to grow your people and your business.

We're your one-stop shop for coaching

Our coach-as-a-service solution makes it easy for you to scale expert coaching to employees at all levels.

  1. No need to interview coaches. We match your people to a world-class coach perfect for them.
  2. Easy scheduling. Your people can easily schedule and reschedule all coaching sessions directly within our platform. 
  3.  Set custom session amounts, view coaches your people hire, and get insights into what they’re learning all in one dashboard.

Secure and Confidential

We meet all GDPR requirements and are our payments platform is SCA compliant. We do not store any confidential employee or org data and coaches and administrators access data via a secured web portal.  The content of conversations and coaching sessions remain strictly confidential. View our privacy policy here


Globally available

Virtual, one-to-one coaching across several time zones. We support employees in multiple languages, including Japanese.

Ready to get coaching for your team?

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