Live and work on your terms as a FAANG career coach.

  • Offer your services privately while keeping your job or growing your coaching practice
  • Become a featured Carrus coach and make this a full-time business in under 3 months
  • We are an invite-only platform and exclusively accept former FAANG employees is an on-demand coaching platform

that allows former and current FAANG professionals to launch a part or full-time coaching business.

Become a Coach

Natalie Gray | Facebook & Career Coach

Working with Carrus has been a straightforward and seamless process that has brought me many clients over the last few months, many of who successfully landed job offers.

The Carrus booking and payments systems make things really easy, and I was able to quickly set up regular availability in my calendar. There’s a ton of flexibility, which I love. For example, I created customized coaching packages to suit my client’s needs, allowing me to work the hours that best suit me.

Their team is always on hand to answer questions, and they do a great job matching you with clients that need your support. It’s a small team, and you feel like you’re having a positive impact on shaping the direction of the business. They also provide added value to coaches and clients by sharing regular webinars, blogs, and tips in an invite only LinkedIn group for coaches.

Carrus is great because they do the marketing for me (not my favorite thing) so that I can focus on coaching!

Who are you?

  • Former or current FAANG employee with 3+ years of experience at the company (IT, product, marketing), a hiring manager, engineer, HR professional, or recruiter
  • Interested in working a few hours a month or full-time as a FAANG coach
  • Able to help job seekers with CV creation, mock interviews, code preparation, behavioral interviews, or offer negotiation.
Get matched with job seekers looking to hire an interview and career coach to help them get their dream FAANG job. will bring you clients on autopilot. Our team will:

  • Help you get started as a coach
  • Match you with your ideal clients
  • Provide you a streamlined platform that takes care of bookings and payments allowing you to focus on what matters, the success of your clients.

Build a profitable coaching practice with ease and let us take care of the hassle.

What can you expect?
  • Clients who need interview coaching: mock interviews, code check preparation, CV/Resume reviews and creation, and other career coaching services.
  • You decide how much you want to work and when. We’re a global business.
  • You set your own hourly rate. Most coaches hover around $150-$220/hour. We take a flat 25% commission.
  • You’ll be paid out on the first of each month. Our top coaches make over $4k-$5k per month and work an average of 5-7 hours per week.
  • Most candidates in the initial stages are looking for 1 hr of coaching, while those in the loop stage need around 4-5 hours or more.
  • New! We just launched package offers and expect this type of service to increase your earning potential significantly. Most coaches price their packages between $500 & $1500 per offer.

How it works:

Get matched

Start coaching