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Carrus.io is a matching platform that glues together the highly fragmented pieces of today’s job search. Our platform allows anyone to look for qualified coaches to help with all parts of their career. Coaches can help prepare a resume or cover letter, to more hands-on career-coaching and advice on building the skills in today’s rapidly changing world.

While technology was supposed to make our lives easier, in many ways it’s made it more complicated. Resume screening has been replaced with automated tools that leave job-seekers fending for themselves. Recruiters can be difficult to get a hold of and are incentivized to talk to people they deem the “right fit,” often missing qualified talent at the expense of poor customer service. Multiplied with the uncertainty of the job market, it makes it even trickier to know how to best prepare for a career move.

Carrus allows you to connect with coaches who are experts in your industry and that can provide the guidance you’re looking for today. Find a coach, get advice, and move your career forward!

carrus (n.)

Carrus comes from the Latin word for chariot, which also meant “action and moving forward.” Eventually, carrus evolved to mean “moving forward with one’s professional life” — or in our modern usage, your career.

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