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Rob Russel

Managing Stress and Burnout

can help you to gain clarity on your goals, manage your emotions effectively, and increase your EQ.

Wenyi Che

Communication Coaching, Leadership Coaching

will help you discover and define own leadership style and build a personal brand statement

Galina Kalinina

Career Coaching, Leadership Coaching

works with you to boost confidence, increase your self-awareness, and discover your life's purpose

Laura Sheehan

Career Coaching

will help you build an awesome resume, prepare you for interviews and help you land your dream job.

Romen Barua

Career Coaching, Interview Coaching, Offer Negotiation

will guide you to identify your counter-productive and career-limiting habits, and push you to stretch your capabilities further

Miguel Baumann

Career Coaching, COVID-19 Volunteer Coach, Entrepreneur Coaching

will deep dive into your values and help you create a personalized career development roadmap

Lionel Bikart

Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching

is a strong and empathic listener and will find the the pertinent questions to help you move forward as a leader

Anthony Griffin

Communication Coaching, Leadership Coaching

is laser-focused on helping you become a better communicator and presenter

Sue Schoormans

Career Coaching, Communication Coaching, COVID-19 Volunteer Coach

Career & Intercultural Coach enabling you to Orientate your Career and Secure Your Ideal Job at Home and Abroad

Leslie Taylor

Business Coaching, Career Coaching, Communication Coaching, Executive Coaching

Leadership Development and Role Transition -- ASIA

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Our most popular coaching categories

During interview coaching, you’ll meet with a professional coach to learn various strategies and receive feedback on how you’re handling practice interviews. You’ll spend anywhere from 90 minutes to several hours practicing mock interviews with your coach who will help uncover blindspots and improve your communication skills. You’ll prepare for—and feel more confident about—upcoming interviews. They can also help you craft answers to tricky questions and situations. Did you get fired from your last job? Are you switching fields or industries? An interview coach can teach you how to address these topics during interviews.

Are you heading in to a salary negotiation? It’s important to do your homework on the company you’re interested in — but it’s equally important to do your homework on how much you’re worth in the market. You’ve got one shot to get it right. Our coaches have helped thousands of people negotiate more favorable offers and can help you along the process to make sure you get the best deal.

Professional career coaches help you identify what you’d like from your career and then create a personalized plan designed to meet your goals. Advice and information includes everything from creating an career growth plan, updating your resume, interview preparation, working towards promotion, and goal-setting.

When a person fails to find balance or an outlet that’s positive to help them deal with their stress, it can lead to a host of problems, including anxiety and burnout. Individuals experiencing burnout view their jobs as increasingly stressful and frustrating, but many times people are too proud to admit when a challenge is more than they can handle. 

Stress and burnout coaching helps people learn techniques and strategies to manage the everyday challenges that face them. Coaches guide you to focus on areas that you can directly influence, dealing effectively with emotions, and starting the process to regain energy and focus.  

Candid, thoughtful feedback is critical and harder to obtain as leaders advance in their careers. Unfortunately, promising careers can derail due to blind spots in critical interpersonal and leadership competencies.

Leadership coaching is perfect for leaders who want to gain an edge in self-marketing and branding and individuals targeted as future leaders who need to sharpen their skills. In most leadership coaching situations, the real objective is to help successful people become even more effective. 

One of the most highly sought after skills is the ability to stand on your feet and say what you want to say, the way you want to say it. And, right or wrong, people form a perception of who we are and what we represent by the confidence that we show when we speak.

Communications coaches can help you better deliver complex ideas in simple and clear ways, communicate in a way that gets people on the same page, understand body language (it speaks volumes!) and use it effectively, listen to others to really hear what they have to say, not just to respond, and harness the power of persuasion to win buy-in, both internally and externally.

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, the world we live in is no longer the same. We face uncertainty about the future of our companies, careers, and societies. Yet, we have no choice but to adapt.

A coach doesn’t have all the answers, but they can be a valuable partner to help you navigate through new terrain. 

This includes tips on dealing with a new remote work arrangement, leadership through tough situations, how to stay positive amidst turmoil, turning crisis into opportunity, considering new career opportunities, and managing both personal and work life during the pandemic… and anything else that is on your mind, or that you need to get off your chest. 

If you are a worker on the frontline of COVID-19, or a family member of a frontline worker, click here to get two hours of free coaching. 



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Most frequent questions and answers

Carrus.io is a matching platform that connects people with the best coaches. Our platform allows anyone to look for and hire qualified coaches to help with all parts of their career. Coaches can provide leadership training, career-coaching and advice on building the skills in today’s rapidly changing world.

On Carrus.io you’ll find a range of coaches. Here’s a quick guide to getting started

1. Get matched.

To get matched, start by filling out basic information about your industry, background, learning style, and the type of coaching you would like. You can also include details about your specific situation.  For example, “Need help writing my resume” or “Need help/advice as a new manager of a team of 5” or “Need advice on upcoming job search in X industry.” We will match you with a coach within 48 hours.

2. Talk to coaches for free.

When you are matched with a coach, you will receive three potential matches. You can directly message them to start a conversation and book a  30 minute “free coaching into” in their calendar. From there, you can gauge chemistry, learn about their coaching philosophy, ask any questions you have, and decide whether you’d like to work together.

3. Select a coach.

Once you’ve selected a coach, you can start a monthly subscription to book regular calls. Coaching is done online through chat, video and audio calls. Users speak to a coach once every two weeks, but it’s up to you and depends on your specific needs. 

Throughout our professional careers, and our lives, we experience a wide range of challenges that might require different types of coaching. The type of coaching your receive is highly personalized and depends on where you’re at now, and what you’d like to work on.

At Carrus we categorize coaches into several categories. They are…

  • Career Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Performance Coaching
  • New Skills Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Newly Assigned Leader Coaching
  • Communication/Presentation Coaching
  • Entrepreneur Coaching

For a list of detailed explanations please click here. 

It’s up to you and depends on your situation. Some people choose to have 2 coaching sessions (1 hour total) every two weeks on a recurring basis. Others prefer to stick to short 30 minute calls on a weekly basis. This is totally flexible, and if one week is particularly challenging you may want to schedule a longer session, while other weeks may be more straightforward and require less coaching. You can discuss frequency and timing with your coach as you build an action plan together!

Coaches abide by a strict code of conduct. Coaching sessions are 1-1 conversations between you and your coach, and what is discussed in the sessions will never be shared with any third parties. If your employer is sponsoring your coaching sessions, details of your conversation are never shared, however, a summary stating that you have completed the coaching program and assessments results are shared with your consent.

Reach out anytime at hello@carrus.io!

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