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Perhaps you're going through a career transition, or you've just been promoted into a new role with lots of responsibility. Maybe you're learning a new skill or tackling a sticky problem that's hard to solve. In these cases, most of us could benefit from the guidance of a coach. In fact, even the most successful entrepreneurs, celebrities, and athletes have coaches that have guided them, nudged them, and pushed them to reach their full potential.

Coaches don't just give you the answers, they ask the right questions and lead you to find the answer on your own. They ask you tough questions that uncover your own motivators, like "What is your definition of success?" to deceptively simple yet powerful questions like, "What's another way to look at it?" They create a safe environment where you can see yourself more clearly. In doing so, you can overcome obstacles, solve big problems, and improve the quality of your work and life.

Studies have found that the best form of coaching is deeply personalized, where you and the coach have spent time to fully understand the problems. Often you will speak to your coach on a weekly basis, where you walk through your goals, set new ones, and are held accountable to those goals. This means that coaching is not a one-time conversation -- it's an ongoing process that can last for weeks or months, or however long it takes to get the results you need.

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